Registered Dietitian by day

The Nutrionista! Photo R.H.Miller

The Nutritionista (aka Laurie Ledford)  is a Registered Dietitian at Tucson Medical Center who uses her knowledge and experience every day to support patients making healthy nutrition choices and prevent or combat the major killers of our time. Have a question about something you’ve heard or seen about nutrition or diet? Send your question to the Nutritionista at tmcforwomen at gmail dot com. Check back on TMC for Women for Nutritionista’s blog posts.

A Word from the Nutritionista:

This is not going to be a diatribe in which I tell you what you should eat or yell at you for eating red meat or for having dessert afterwards.  Instead, I am here to offer information to help you make good choices in what you choose to eat, whether it is “healthy” or not.  When you do want to make choices that support good health, there are no intricate rules you have to follow.  I believe you can eat healthfully by keeping a few simple goals in mind:

1.   Eat real food.

2.   Eat a variety of foods.

3.   Eat mindfully.

There is no need to undertake some complicated eating regimen that requires you to count every calorie you consume or dictates that you should follow the patterns of our Neanderthal forerunners, or stick to a schedule of nothing but grapefruit on Mondays, only cabbage on Tuesdays, etc.  And sadly, there is no single “weird trick to get rid of belly fat.”  Eating healthfully does take some work, which is to say it is more difficult than swinging by the nearest fast-food drive-thru three times a day.  If you have some “bad” habits you want to change, then you need to know that changing habits takes time and effort; however, it does become easier with time, and the payoffs can be hugely rewarding.  I hope you will continue to follow me on a path to delicious wellness.


The Nutritionista