fried egg or scrambled which is healthierDear Nutritionista, 

I’ve been trying to start the day off right with a good breakfast, but this morning as my omelette sizzled in the pan,  I had to ask what made an omelette healthier than a fried egg? After all they’re both sizzling in oil. 


Confused Egg Lover

Dear Confused Egg Lover,

 If you would be using the same amount of butter or oil and the same number of eggs in either case, then they are equivalent. However, the omelette and the scramble give you a fabulous opportunity to throw in some chopped veggies to bump up the nutritional value. On the other hand, they could also tempt a person to throw in ham, chorizo or a huge amount of cheese, which would leave your heart gasping and crying.

Rather than pouring in the oil or adding a pat of butter, you can use a spray or use a nonstick skillet and add just a little of your favorite oil for flavor.  Or you could add a little cheese for flavor; about an ounce or less should be sufficient. 

Have an eggcellent start to the day,

The Nutritionista

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