You get your mammo and pap on schedule or close to it, but unless you feel like you’re dying you’re not taking off to go see the doctor!

Does that describe you? You’re not alone. Many women may be convinced to go to the doctor when they’re sick, really sick, but when they’re well? Forget it! However, an annual well-woman visit can not only provide reassurance that you’re healthy, a baseline for what your norm is, but also can catch the onset of issues before they become major health concerns.

This February, heart month, we’re encouraging you to Go Red and schedule a well-woman visit, because the best defense is a good offense. Early detection can make all the difference in a successful battle against the No. 1 killer of women, heart disease. Don’t let heart disease sneak up on you.

Why get a Well-Woman check?

During your well-woman check your doctor will check for the signs of heart disease so that you can take the necessary steps to conquer it. This is also a great opportunity for your doctor to be on the look out for other health concerns. Don’t have a primary physician yet? We can help you find one. If you’re here in Tucson, we also have a health risk assessment designed especially for women, offered by our Women’s Center that addresses a number of concerns including heart related issues.

Rosa Sanchez saw a flyer advertising the program and decided to get the tests done, since she didn’t have health insurance.

“It was nice because it was a comprehensive baseline, so I can see what happens with my health going forward,” she said. She was grateful to have an EKG, since women often overlook heart ailments, and for the bone density scan.

Turns out most of her indicators from her tests were fine, although she did find out she was in early stages of getting osteoporosis. “I am now really conscious about getting more calcium and doing the right kind of exercise. It’s really helpful to know that, so I can do something about it.”

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Rosa also appreciated that the women’s health care nurse practitioner, Karen Narum, spent so much time, walking her through each of the results and explaining the significance of the numbers. Doctors are often busy, she said, so it was nice to be able to have a conversation about her health without feeling rushed.

Narum said many of the patients who use the clinic actually do have insurance. Some decide to have the tests because they want the personal attention that she’s able to give, and sometimes it’s because their doctor or insurance policy won’t allow for the tests.

“This allows them the opportunity to take control of their health,” Narum said. “This is a way to help women have better insight into their own health. We can give them a pat on the back for what they’re doing well, and in areas where they could do some more work, it’s a way to help them design a map to make changes and get back on track.”

Whether you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician or our nurse practitioner make sure that this Valentine’s Day you give the best gift to the ones you love, a healthy you.

The Women’s Health Risk Assessment includes:

  • Blood count, to determine risk of anemia
  • Blood sugar, as an initial screening for diabetes
  • Thyroid test, to check for any abnormalities
  • Cholesterol screening, to check for heart attack and stroke risks
  • EKG, which is screened by a cardiologist
  • Heel bone density screening, to gauge the risk of osteoporosis
    Women have two one-on-one consultations lasting about an hour. The first happens prior to the series of tests, when the women have a discussion with a nurse about their diet, exercise and family history. The second is to go over the results and talk about ways to mitigate or respond to the findings.

In addition to receiving your individual risk assessment, you may be directed to consult with your primary care physician if there are specific health concerns that need to be addressed.

The package price is $150 and includes the comprehensive health survey, diagnostic tests and one-on-one consultation with a nurse practitioner.

To register or if you would like more information about these services, please call (520) 324-1286.

Everyone has a reason to live a longer, healthier life. What is yours?

We’re partnering with the American Heart Association this year on the Life is Why campaign to support your choices to a healthy heart #LifeIsWhy, #TucsonIsWhy


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