It’s National Nutrition Month and our TMC registered dietitians love the Savor the Flavor theme! Throughout the month Laurie and Mary are sharing tips to help you make healthier, tastier choices. If coffee is an integral part of your day this post is for you! 

coffee healthyDo you start off every morning with a cup of coffee? How do you take your coffee? Expresso? Cappuccino? A Caffè latte.

Like many things, coffee is OK in moderation. In this case, “moderation” means three to four 8-ounce cups of home-brewed coffee. We are not talking about a couple of enormous, creamy, sugary, flavored coffee concoctions. Just the coffee. Several large studies have found that people who drink coffee daily have a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and liver disease. Protective effects have been seen with both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee.

How does coffee work this magic? It could be the antioxidant compounds in there, or it could be something else that all coffee drinkers in these studies did or had in common. Since the studies were not looking specifically at the effect of coffee, other research on this subject is needed to confirm the findings.

Athletes who love their coffee fix will be happy to hear that a number of good studies have shown better physical endurance and delayed fatigue in exercisers who consume caffeine. However, you might want to find out how your stomach handles caffeine plus exercise before you use it on the day of a big race.

We also urge caution with caffeine for the following people:

•       children

•       pregnant women

•       people with a history of heart disease or heart attack

•       people who have high blood pressure

•       anyone else who is sensitive to caffeine

These people are advised to avoid caffeine by taking the decaf route or avoiding it altogether. If in doubt, check with your medical provider to be sure.

Are you struggling to make these changes? Or not seeing the desired impact? Make an appointment today to connect with our register dietitians and they will analyze and make a scientifically based plan specifically for you and your special needs.