For the better part of two years, Judy Tenen has been caring for and storing exquisite handmade quilts with one goal – to help the women of Southern Arizona.  Her guest room, the closets, even the dining room table have been requisitioned for this purpose. The quilts are not small pieces of craft, but large pieces of art that would cover a wall almost from floor to ceiling. But why quilts?

How does a quilt help women in Southern Arizona?

Tenen is a board member of Quilt for a Cause, a Tucson based non-profit that raises funds for local organizations focused on women’s health matters. Specifically,Quilt for a Cause raises funds for research, supports the continuing education of medical professionals, and helps clinical organizations that raise awareness, offer detection and provide treatment for all women with breast and/or gynecological cancers.

The funds are raised by Quilt for a Cause via auctions of handmade quilts and quilt patterns donated by quilters. And the donations come not only from Tucson and Southern Arizona, but from across the nation and in some cases internationally. The quilts vary in style from traditional to modern, from subtle shades to bright explosions of colors. Since 2003, Quilts for a Cause has raised over $750,000 to help women in our community.

Can I see the quilts?

This weekend, the quilts left Tenen’s house and were hung in the hallways of Tucson Medical Center where everyone can see them. They’ll be on display until the day of the live auction on October 15th  in the Marshall Conference Center. Take a moment to check out these works in the hallways or during the auction on October 15th. quilt cause