For more than 34 years, even before the opening of Tucson Birth Center in 1982, midwives have been helping women deliver their babies at Tucson Medical CenterToday, we continue to partner with the midwives of the Tucson Birth Center and El Rio Congress to provide the only option in Tucson for women to give birth with the support of a midwife with admitting privileges in the hospital setting.  

We celebrate National Midwifery Week with a focus on midwives and the powerful role and impact they have in the evolution of our services for women and the community. Each day we will meet one of the El Rio amazing midwives serving our community.

midwife greta gill

Meet Greta Gill, Master of Science in Nursing, Certified Nurse Midwife

Greta Gill, Director of Midwifery at the El Rio Birth and Women’s Health Center and the El Rio Congress Health Center moved to Tucson in 2008, but has been practicing midwifery for the past 16 years.

Why did you choose midwifery?

“I became a midwife because I wanted to join the profession which maintains the ancient tradition of women helping women.

As a midwife, I start from the belief that pregnancy is a normal part of a woman’s life. Most women are a well and need support, guidance and education instead of high tech medical interventions. The wellness model is a hallmark of midwifery care and we as a profession excel in prevention.”

Is a midwife right for me?

“In selecting any provider, a health care consumer should evaluate whether a partnership can be formed. It is also important that women feel they have adequate time with their provider to receive education and guidance.”

What impact do you see of having midwives involved in hospital birth?

“Midwives have worked alongside nurses and physicians to make maternity care more family-centered, personal and safe.”

What gives you the greatest joy in your work?

“I am continuously in awe of women’s strength and courage. It is my privilege to witness their love and dedication to creating new families.”

At both the Birth Center and in TMC for Women’s remodeled rooms there is a focus on environment, what and how do you feel this aids women in birthing?

“Choices for women are important. Birthing is an intensely physical process that can be impeded by stress and anxiety. Every woman has an idea about what she needs to feel safe and comfortable. TMC is working to provide a wonderful menu of options.”

Greta is originally from Richmond, Virginia, but moved to Tucson in 2008.  She states that “Midwifery is more than a job to me. It is my calling and my way of life. I am honored to carry on the tradition of women helping women and be in service to others. I value every woman who trusts me with her health care.” 

She has three children, all brought into the world by midwives (Her youngest was delivered by Sue Ann at TMC so she can tell you firsthand that you will be well cared for by the midwives!).