Some big projects are too difficult to tackle on your own. Hanging wallpaper and moving furniture come to mind. What if it’s yourself, rather than your home, you are remodeling? Making healthy lifestyle changes and weight loss are challenges that can be too big to face alone. Although you alone are responsible for your behaviors, and you will be the one who benefits from your healthier habits, there are good reasons to have a support network in place to help you reach your goals.

Why have a support network?

  • A support group provides a sense of community, reminding you that you are not alone in your struggle or on your journey.
  • Your supporters are your motivation. They can serve as your cheerleading squad or they can actually work with you and help you along.
  • Some support groups can be a valuable source of information, especially when they are led by wellness professionals (or have them as guest speakers).
  • The members of your support group probably share your point of view. Therefore, they can provide helpful tips that that work for them. It is likely that at least some of those strategies would work for you, too.
  • A support group makes you accountable to someone other than yourself.
  • Many studies have shown that people lose more weight when they join a weight-loss group than when they try to do it on their own.

Your support group can take on any form that helps you, even if the “group” consists of only one other person. You can meet online, by phone or face-to-face. Choose the form that fits your comfort level and your schedule. Family and friends can be valuable supporters, because you share many of the same everyday experiences. If those people are not willing to adopt the same values, however, it is best to find support in an outside group.

If you are nervous about joining a group – maybe you don’t feel comfortable sharing information about yourself – contact the group leader and ask if you can sit quietly, without being called on to speak. Be honest with the leader (and with other members) about what you need from the group. Remember, there are lots of people in our community who want to help others, and they won’t let you face your challenges alone.

If you’re looking for support, consider TMC’s monthly weight management support group at The Core in the La Encantada shopping center. It’s a friendly group led by one of TMC’s wellness professionals experienced in helping people realize their health goals. All are welcome, $5 per session..