Hello Readers,

For the past two years I’ve shared my journey on the TMC for Women blog, specifically topics that I felt helped me with my weight loss journey.

My weight loss journey hasn’t always been easy or straight forward. For many of us it’s difficult to lose weight and even harder when life becomes stressful.

This past year was a particularly trying year for me. I lost my younger brother.  There were days when I just had a hard time going to see him in the end because he was very sick, but I did and never missed his request.  There were times where I would hit a plateau and the scale would not budge.  Eventually, I worked through each and every plateau.  2016 was my year of colds, viruses, and even a short two night hospital stay.  I kept going and never quit, gave up or complained. In fact, I believe everything I went through made me stronger and more determined to reach goal weight.

Although I didn’t achieve my goal weight this year I’m certain I will next year. There is no hurry with your health journey, it’s more important to keep going and never give up.

I learned the healthy way of losing weight through the TMC Wellness programs which I attended and the best dietitians, Mary and Laurie.

This journey started with a promise that I made to my beloved mom on her death bed. I promised to take care of myself, to lose the extra weight and regain my health that I had neglected during the 12 years I was caring for her.

Many people have ask me today if I would take care of my mom for those 12 years if I could do it all over again knowing the impact that it would have on my health and career.  The answer will always remain the same YES! Why ? I gained a lifetime of extra special memories of a wonderful lady, my mom. The job I left wasn’t as important as the job I had caring for my mom. The money wasn’t as valuable as my time with my mom and the Steeler games were just as good on TV. In fact, I had the best seat at the game.  Most importantly the promise I made to my mom helped me lose alot of weight and regain my health back.

I put myself out there with my personal journey on this blog. Often I’d talk about topics which my family and friends couldn’t believe because I am a private quiet person. I did this in the hope I could help others struggling with being overweight and the associated health issues.  I want everyone to know if I can lose weight you can too with no excuses. I  want to thank the following who I believe helped me succeed, Laurie Ledford, Mary Atkinson, TMC Wellness and Mike Urquhart. I also want to thank Rachel Miller for allowing me to write for two years and endlessly editing my posts and giving me the best feedback.

Also, last, but not least all of you, my fabulous readers, who followed and allowed me to give one last gift to my beloved mom. My tribute of reaching one million views on Mary’s Promise.

May God bless, keep you healthy and wishing everyone the best New Year.

Good bye.


Health Warrior

Mary Kmak has lost over 130 pounds using what she learned in TMC Wellness classes. She has shared her journey on TMC for Women in Mary’s Promise.  We commend Mary for all her hard work and for sharing her commitment and passion on her health journey. Well done Mary, you’re an inspiration.

Want to make the kind of changes that Mary has and see similar results? Make an appointment to see one of TMC’s Registered Dietitians for a one on one and gain a whole world of scientifically based, tried and true techniques to improve your health and fits your individual lifestyle.