TMC for Women is written for the women in our community by women in our community. We are the TMC for Women bloggers

laurieLaurie Ledford MS RD aka The Nutrionista
Laurie is a Registered Dietitian from Atlanta, Georgia, the land of grits, collard greens and super-sweet iced tea. She works as a Registered Dietitian at TMC in the Clinical Nutrition department and in TMC’s Life Enhancement Program. She enjoys helping people improve their health through sustainable dietary changes while still relishing occasional indulgences. In her off hours, Laurie engages in foodie pursuits such as sampling unusual flavor combinations (olive oil and basil ice cream was a good one) and discovering delicious food and beverage pairings. She is still trying to find the perfect wine to serve with Brussels sprouts.

7333_134345893574_797101_n (1)Rachel H. Miller
Rachel has been involved in science and health education for most of the past 17 years, in the k-12 classroom, in teacher education, and in developing science and health curriculum. Her crazy undergraduate days were spent looking down a microscope at fruit flies in a lab focused on developmental genetics and seeking to understand cancer cells better.

Rachel draws upon her graduate training and experience in science and health education as well as her  personal experience as a mother of two young children, cardiac arrest and cancer survivor when blogging for TMC for Women. She is passionate about empowering people regarding their health through encouraging discussion and knowledge of their bodies. Her interests are particularly focused on women’s heart health, the unmentionable incontinence issues,  the differing physiology of women from men and what it means for health, diseases of the immune system and women’s differing responses to medical care. She also writes for TMC for Children and has had posts and articles appear on Moms Rising, Help A Mother Out, Literacy Connects, TucsonMama, and in the National Science Teacher Association’s magazine Science Scope.

549031_418875701482972_355414033_nJulie Newman Reed
Julie is a published short story writer with an MFA in Creative Writing. She expanded to write non-fiction about women’s reproductive and infertility issues within a blog format when she faced infertility. She is interested in women’s health, especially issues surrounding reproduction and infertility. Julie draws upon her own experience of being knocked a bit off balance by postpartum anxiety, which was brought on by postpartum thyroiditis, her training towards being a doula, her personal experience with infertility and grappling with a strong family history of breast cancer when she writes. She’s the mama of two awesome little kids, and you can also find her at and