Hello Readers,

We often hear from our doctors about the benefits of walking. After all, walking is a low impact exercise easily accessible and free! You can walk in your neighborhood, at the grocery stores, parks, malls, in a stair well, even on the spot!  For me, along with changes in what I eat, walking has changed my life.

Every morning before work I walk my neighborhood until I get 6,000 steps and get the other 6,000 steps throughout the day. Yes, I aim for a total of 12,000 steps every day. 12,000 steps might seem monumental to you right now, but it is manageable.  Here are the health benefits I received by walking:

1. Walking helped me lose weight

One hundred and thirty one pounds to date! By making good healthy food choices and adding walking in my daily schedule this helped me lose weight. You burn up calories by walking which helps you lose weight.

2. Walking has strengthened my heart

Walking is a great cardio exercise which helped me lower my cholesterol and triglycerides.  With a family history of heart disease walking has helped me lower my risk of a heart attack and stroke.

3. Walking has helped lower my A1C level

Being diagnosed as pre diabetic I needed to add exercise along with my healthy food choices to lower my A1C. Walking was my first exercise that I started that helped me get out of out of the pre diabetic range in 90 days.

4. Walking helped lower my high blood pressure

I had high blood pressure and was on three medications a day to try and control it, but by walking daily with increased weekly increments of minutes has changed that. My blood pressure is now stable and normal and I have cut back to half of one pill a day.

5. Walking helps boost my energy

My energy level increased with walking. If I felt tired and didn’t want to walk I pushed myself and found after walking I had this increase of energy. It seems counter intuitive, but it works! Feeling a bit sluggish in the middle of the day, get out for a quick walk outside.

6. Walking helps my sleeping

I use to have problems sleeping, but now as long as I get my walking in I sleep like a baby!

Walking is a great way to help you with your health issues.  Talk to your doctors and discuss how walking can help you. Or contact the wellness specialists at TMC to talk about how walking, exercise and diet can turn your health around.  I did, and I’m so glad I did. Your turn, let’s step out!

Mary H Kmak

Health Warrior

Mary Kmak has turned her life around, losing over one hundred and thirty one pounds, and found a path to health through the Tucson Medical Center Wellness program. In Mary’s Promise she shares tips, recipes, challenges that she has learned along the way. Today, she shares how the simple act of walking has changed her life. 

Want to make the kind of changes that Mary has and see similar results? Make an appointment to see one of TMC’s Registered Dietitians for a one on one and gain a whole world of scientifically based, tried and true techniques to improve your health and fits your individual lifestyle.