Hello Readers,

Today marks the beginning of the holiday season. Tis the season for office work parties, family and friends gatherings and they’re all filled with unwanted extra calories, fats and sugars.

The holidays provide many less than healthy temptations that even the most disciplined of us have a hard time saying  “No, thank you”.

For many of us the holiday season starts now and ends in January.  What can you do to prevent the average seven to twelve pound weight gain? It is possible to eat healthy and enjoy this time of year with proper good nutrition knowledge.

Here are some tips I’ve used over the past nearly two years to prevent weight gain:

1.  Don’t go hungry

Never go to a party or dinner hungry by skipping any meals.  Eat a low fat snack before you go with plenty of water to fill you up.

2. Use smaller plates with portion control.

Fill up on vegetables and fruits including a big salad with healthy veggie toppings and just sample a small portion of the traditional fare.

3. Stay far away from the food and dessert tables

Spend more time with your family and friends at your social events. Distance yourself from bad choices.

4. Chose the lean cut

Know your meat cuts, and make sure you choose leaner meats like skinless chicken breast, turkey breast and lean beef when you’re at the table.  Not sure what a lean cut of beef is? Check out the sirloin tip, top round roast and steak, and top sirloin steak. Pick the cut with least amount of marbling, and not that labelled ‘Prime’ which often has more fat.

6. Plan ahead, be adaptable, but get that exercise in.

Make that time to continue exercising even if you must make a change in times or types of exercise. It’s important to make a plan that takes account of changes in your schedule. If your schedule is more cramped, perhaps make your work out more intense, or rise earlier to get your work out in.

Remember to pay attention to the true meaning of the season and spend time with your family and friends while you practice portion control.  If you overdo it at a party or dinner gathering don’t be hard on yourself and start feeling guilty.  Just pick yourself up the next day and go back to eating healthy. Enjoy a happy healthy holiday.

Mary H Kmak

Health Warrior

Mary Kmak has turned her life around, losing over one hundred and thirty one pounds, and found a path to health through the Tucson Medical Center Wellness program. In Mary’s Promise she shares tips, recipes, challenges that she has learned along the way. Today, she shares the choices she makes when faced with the challenges of eating healthy during the holidays. 

Want to make the kind of changes that Mary has and see similar results? Make an appointment to see one of TMC’s Registered Dietitians for a one on one and gain a whole world of scientifically based, tried and true techniques to improve your health and fits your individual lifestyle.