Okay, okay, so you want to lose weight because it’s causing chronic health issues, or you can’t be as active as you’d like, or when you look in the mirror someone else stares back, someone who can’t be you.

Your motivation is what sustains you, but still you keep stumbling. How do you get past the stumbling blocks? Our Wellness crew shares how you can take the ‘Five Whys’ problem solving approach used in businesses and apply it to your weight loss journey.

Our “why” is the essential motivation that can sustain us as we try to make healthy changes. In the case of weight loss, it isn’t some transitory desire, like wanting to look good at the beach this year. Rather, it is something related to our sense of self. Perhaps we want to feel like the active person we believe ourselves to be, or a wish to grow old without the burden of a chronic disease. We can also use “why” to find the essence of something undesirable, such as the root cause of a behavior we would like to change. In business, this is known as “Five Whys.” You look at a problem to be solved and analyze the contributing factors layer by layer, until eventually you find something at the base that can be changed. It may actually take you more or fewer than five steps to get there.

The ‘Five Whys’ process with a sample problem in health:

  1. Write down the problem.

    Be as specific as you can.
    ex. Problem: I have a habit of eating half a bag of potato chips when I get home from work.

  1. Ask why you take this action

         Why? Because I am starving.

  1. What is this a symptom of?

    At this stage you probably uncover a symptom, not the real problem. So…

         Why am I starving? Because I skipped lunch.

  1. Again you have a symptom or a contributing factor

          Why did I skip lunch? Because I didn’t have time, or I thought I was saving calories.

  1. Aha! You may have found your answer.

    Your body needs fuel, and because you are tired at the end of a day, you grab what is easy and comforting.

Possible Solution: Eat a healthy lunch.

Finding the root cause of a problem does not guarantee an easy solution. You may need help finding or creating a solution. This is where sitting down with a supportive friend or family member or even a medical professional can help.

TMC Wellness Programs have nutritional and activity consultations available to support you in your journey, as well as a Weight Loss Support Group. Check our weight management programs out today.